10 Best Places to Visit in Delhi, India

One shouldn’t miss the best places to visit in Delhi!

A symbol of the country’s rich past and thriving present, Delhi is a city where ancient and modern blend seamlessly together. It is home to millions of dreams, the city takes on unprecedented responsibilities of realizing dreams bringing people closer and inspiring their thoughts.

Clearing all the confusions of a traveler in Delhi, we bring you the 10 must-visit places in the city.

1. India Gate: The memorial bears the names of more than 13,516 British and Indian soldiers killed in the Northwestern Frontier in the Afghan war of 1919. During nightfall, India Gate is dramatically floodlit while the fountains nearby make a lovely display with colored lights. One can see hoards of people moving about the brightly lit area and on the lawns on summer evenings.

2. Lotus Temple: This temple is built in the shape of a lotus flower and is the last of seven Major Bahai’s temples built around the world. Round the blooming petals are nine pools of water, which light up, in natural light. It looks spectacular at dusk when it is floodlit.

3. Lodhi Gardens: The old Lady Willington Park, now known as Lodhi Garden, is dotted with monuments of Sayyid and Lodhi Periods, which include tombs mosques, and bridges. It is a favorite point for early morning walkers from the posh south Delhi colonies.

4. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib: Known for its association with Guru Har Krishan, the eighth Sikh guru, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the most prominent religious as well as tourist places in Delhi. A visit to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib rejuvenates your soul. This place of solace is flocked by more than thousand people in one single day.

5. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple: This temple epitomizes 10,000 years of Indian culture in all its breathtaking grandeur, beauty, wisdom a d bliss. It brilliantly showcases the essence of India’s ancient architecture, traditions, and timeless spiritual messages.

6. Red Fort: The Red Fort is the historic fort in Old Delhi which was built by fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. The fort is known for its setting for an evening sound and light show.

7. Humayun’s tomb: Located near the crossing of Mathura road and Lodhi road, this magnificent garden tomb is the first substantial example of Mughal architecture in India. Inside the walled enclosure, the most notable features are the garden squares (chaharbagh) with pathways water channels, centrally located well proportional mausoleum topped by a double dome.

8. Jama Masjid: This great mosque of Old Delhi is the largest in India, with a courtyard capable of holding 25,000 devotees. he highly decorative mosque has three great gates, four towers and two 40 m-high minarets constructed of strips of red sandstone and white marble.

9. Chandni Chowk: It is the perfect place to shop in. This densely populated market has been around for more than three centuries.

10. Qutub Minar: Qutub Minar in Delhi has been counted as the highest brick tower in the whole wide world. This great architectural structure was built to propound the prominence of the Islam religion. This tall impressive structure is visited by thousands of travelers every year from all over the world.

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