Yes, love can happen at first sight – Travel Story by Niharika Arora

My old fears were far from the ones I have now. They were materialistic and egoistic. Now that I get exposed to such beauty, I have a realization which keeps the power to stop every raging useless war within me. And, Edmund Hillary said, “it’s not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.”

Delhi to Chhitkul, Himachal Pradesh, India is a voyage of 15 h (602.3 km), covering the deadliest Hindustan-Tibet road. It is caprice as the charm of Devbhoomi unfolds, a different language, exquisite and enchanting & an addictive natural beauty. The experience of driving beneath millions of stars is inexplicable, with the beauty around pacifying fears.

After an arduous journey on the precarious route, we reached Chhitkul at around 4 am in pitch darkness. We had to sojourn in the car, wrapped in blankets and still our breaths were going heavy and bodies shifting to numb mode.

We tried to sleep in the hope of a new and a better day, strengthening our psyche and will.
It was 7 am & we stepped out of the frosted car to rejoice our frozen bodies with the sight of a sunlit village in front of us.

Yes, love can happen at first sight.

AAO Travel Tribe Niharika Arora

There was a smile on each person’s face, a thing common in the entire village, a symbol of pure happiness and contentment that binds them in a single thread and gives them the strength to face difficulties together.

I had this unquenchable feeling while returning, not knowing if anything else would ever transcend this heaven again.

– Travel Story submitted by Niharika Arora